Monday, 8 May 2017

Blood In The Cut (Selfie Spam #1)

Today has been a good day. The first one for weeks and I finally felt like myself again. So I decided to take some pictures and I actually like them. So here they are!

Oh and I have this song stuck in my head :

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Stuff I bought #1


Today I want to show you some stuff I recently bought.

Pens from Ebay ~ 1,70 €
You know those people who don't even carry a pen to school? I got a lot of them in my class and I always forget who I borrowed my pens. So I decided to buy some super colorful once from ebay. The pattern was random, but flowers aren't so bad

Fluffy Cat Ears from Ebay ~ 1,70€
I don't even know why I ordered them but they're super fluffy. After all I'm super happy with them

Choker from Ebay ~ 1,30€
I just really liked the look of this choker. Even though I have way too many and it's annoying to put it on. It looks pretty:

Box from TEDI 1€
We bought two of those for our piercings and they're perfect for that. Here's a picture with my piercings in it:
Yeah, one expander is missing because it's in my lobe xD

Plugs and Tunnels from Crazy Factory
I'm now at 8mm on my right ear but I want to go to 10mm on both sides. I bought some of those a while ago but of course I can't wear double flared right after stretching. So I ordered a second time. I'm super happy and can't wait to get them in (which might take a while but anyways ^^)

Bring Me The Horizon Hoodie from H&M 9€
It was on sale, it's a Hoodie from Bring Me The Horizon hoodie and it's comfy. I know that some people are pretty pissed to find merch like this at H&M stores, but I don't really care (and I already bought the Manson shirt)

Essence Metal Shock Lipstick 07 Venom from Müller 2,95 €
The first time I saw this lipstick I was hooked but I couldn't decide between this one and the Vibrant Shock one. Now I bought both of them :D Venom is a nice green shade with a golden shimmer

Essence Vibrant Shock Lipstick 10 No To Mainstream from Müller 2,25€
Matt, good coverage and strange colour? Hell yeah! It's a super nice green and blue mix and it has a super nice matt finish.

NYX Lingerie 02 Embellishment from NYX Store 7,90€
I wanted a nice liquid lipstick in a nude colour that I can wear everyday. Most of my liquid lipsticks are quite different for some people and I often don't feel like putting on lipsticks as carefully as needed for dark colours. It's described as a dusty, deep lavender.

NYX Liquid Suede 01 Stone Fox from NYX Store 7,90€
Well; I never had a dark grey lipstick before, so why not?

NYX Cosmic Metals 01 Galactic from NYX Store 7,90€
A dark grey with lots of silver shimmer particles in it. It's super shiny and goes with the same argument as stone fox: never had one, so why not?

unfortunately deleted the pictures of my swatches, but I might make an extra blog post about those five lip products if you're interested or I find them so awesome that I have to show them on my lips :)

Ohhh and I have some news to share with you first: We got engaged last week :D I might make a blogpost about that separately, so that's it for now and maybe you'll read some more about it.

I hope you all have a nice day :)

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Schönbrunn Zoo #1

My bf and me finally bought annual tickets for Schönbrunn Zoo!
I had one years ago and I loved it. Sometimes I just went there to relax and stroll around...

And here are the firt pictures for this year.

Hope you have a nice day :)

Nikon D5100 // Nikkor 50mm 1:1,4G

Thursday, 12 January 2017

My hair care routine

In the last few days I've been talking about my hair care routine A LOT. On Twitter and in real life. So I decided to finally write everything down. There's going to be a hair dye routine thing soon (when I dye them again), so today is only about my hair care.

 FIRST: I have a very dry scalp, because I have Atopic dermatitis. So my skin is pretty bad in keeping itself moisturised and my scalp doesn't get greasy. So I wash my hair every 10 days or even more. Sometimes I even go for 20 days without shampoo ^^

Here an example of my roots after 20 days without shampoo:

Between that I rinse my hair with water about every 7 days and I massage my scalp in the shower. I have to wash my bangs every 6 days, so I wash them separately.

I like to start my routine with a hair mask that I mix with conditioner, oil (olive or coconut are my favorites) and Aloe Vera Gel. Sometimes when my red side is orange, I'll add a drop of sempi-permanent hair dye. First I wet my hair with a spray bottle and then I apply it to my lengths. Then I like to forget about my hair for a while and leave it in as long as I like to. Most of the time it's about three hours.

Then I'll jump under the shower and I'll shampoo my hair once. My favorites are the Shampoobars by Sauberkunst. They smell amazing and their gentle to the skin. AND THEY SMELL SOOOOOOO GOOD :3
I got the Aubrey shampoo from a friend and I like it too, but I don't like it as much as the Sauberkunst ones. Oh and I got Kirschblüte and Rosenstolz.

After that I get my hair towel dry and I'll mix conditioner and a little bit of my hair dye for the red side. Same as before: I take the hair dye when my red starts to fade. The black side just gets conditioner without anything. I'll leave this for about 10-15min.

Now to the fun part: leave-ins. 
First of my trusty old hand cream from Kneipp, which works really well for dry ends. Then there's the Macadamia Bodybutter by Alverde, which also works fine but it's a little bit too little greasy for my hair. I still add in into hair masks sometimes :)
My beloved Heymountain Woodstock Hair Cream. I love this stuff so much! It's smells nice and leaves my hair super smooth and hydrated.
Next: pure silicone in a bottle or Balea Oil Repair Hair Oil. I like to add this to my lengths when I don't where it in a braid, bun, pony tail etc. It helps to minimize the knots and this also helps with less breakage. YEAH
Lastly my patchouli perfume oil. Of course my hair smells not so great from time to time (for example when I go to bar and they smell like smoke), then this thing is my lifesaver. I'll add a few drops into a spray bottle and spray my hair with it or I'll mix it with the Alverde Bodybutter. My mum says I smell like a corpse, so you know, I love it XD

For styling: I try to not use heat on my hair. I straighten my bangs and that's it. No blow dryer or curling wand. And I also don't use any products like hair spray and so on.

And it really makes a difference. Here's a picture from march against one from december:
so hairy, much smooth. wow.

This is also a very basic post about hair care. Maybe I'll do another one with the ingredients of hair products and such stuff, but we'll see.

So bye bye :D

Monday, 2 January 2017

Hello 2017 and hello new blog!


I still don't have a clue how to start this new blog of mine. Oh little reminder btw: English isn't my mother tongue, so if I make any mistakes - I'm sorry.

So how about: Hi, my name is Julia! 

I used to blog on Can You Smell The Colour? but to be honest: I started this blog when I was 17 and in a very very complicated time. I wanted to make a beauty blog but after all those years I can say now: I'm not a beauty blogger. I'm a lazy person and once I found what I liked I sticked to it. I'm not super experimental when it comes to make-up or pretty much anything. So I decided to give up that blog and started working on snakes and cupcakes. This should be my little living room, where I can write whatever comes to my mind. So be prepared for pure chaos, because I won't start a blog with a common theme again.

It just feels nice to don't have an audience that I could disappoint or a theme that I have to stick to. This is my little new start to blogging.

So if you're a reader from CYSTC then welcome back and thank you for staying with me! And if you're new of course: welcome to you too! Here, take some imaginary cookies!

So that's it for now!